"Renditions of Beavertail Lighthouse"

Beavertail Light is one of those examples that truly represents Jamestown, now and then. It has survived as a figure of strength through storms, and has continued to offer knowledge and serenity to the many visitors it receives each year. 

Growing up in Jamestown, much of the inspiration for Islandesign Stained Glass comes from this place. The beaches, its heritage, the farms, and man-made structures of the island all feed into my work as an artist.

I have produced several variations in stained glass, each time seeking to go further than before to produce a one of a kind variation in both design and scale.

This man-made structure and the surrounding area certainly must be seen in person and I encourage those interested to visit the site and to experience this place for yourself.

This variation is along with others part of the "Beavertail Light" series and is available as a custom order. For those interested in learning more about this collection, I have created this printable document and a collection online at the Etsy shopping website.

For more information on the BLMA, visit BeavertailLight.org.