Stained Glass for Beginners

This past Saturday concluded a series of single-day sessions to the Handmade Holidays: Stained Glass for Beginners course of mine at the Jamestown Arts Center. Originally scheduled as a one-time activity in December, the wintry weather postponed it to January 14, and after that session quickly filled our January 20 session was booked. Now, after the conclusion of both I am very pleased to share how satisfying of an experience these sessions were for me. I have always been an instructor over many facets of my working life, but this opportunity saw me directing a group of eager and engaged students whom each brought their own creativity and enthusiasm to the sessions. Overall, I am proud of their accomplishments over a such a short time, and I hope this time we shared sparked an ongoing creative interest in their own work for the future.

At this time, I am in contact still with the JAC and now too with other local venues to arrange future classes or even some supervised open studio workshops. On the website I created the Classes and Workshops page and interest form that I encourage anyone to visit if there is interest in attending a future session, or to sponsor your own. As always, questions may be directed to me via email or phone, or through the use of the general contact form