Reflections and moving on

This recent update is for two reasons, one to announce that this first stained glass window has been returned to the house and it's "movable chapel" section, and two as a point of reflection on the process up until now. While this recent completion of this window has the inevitable outcome of starting the next one in the series, completing too the video reminded me how the project has not only challenged me, but engaged me in the history of this space from its former on wheel's state to the now present home. As I found, the history of this space is also in many ways the history of Jamestown long before the populist island community came about, and as we know well today. That Preston felt compelled and inventive enough to conceive of this idea, yet alone get backing from prominent investors including Cor

After gaining access to a copy of Preston's book "The First Movable Chapel" through Saint Matthew's it is perhaps most interesting to find a narrative to not only the construction details but a true timeline for that booming island community.  In parallel to the work, at our home we have been researching our family history of which I have a long lineage to Jamestown. Thanks to sites like there is a well-documented family history that dates back to the first settlers of Jamestown, the Weeden's, Watson's, Hazard's, and Slocum(b)'s.  According to page 43 of the book, at Saint Matthew's in 1837, the first marriage solemnized was that of Mr. Job Hazard and Miss Ann Eliza Weeden.

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